Meet the Team

Exchange Analyzer is developed by a team of Microsoft MVPs and specialists in Exchange Server and Active Directory.

Paul Cunningham Paul Cunningham
Paul is a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services, specializing in Exchange Server and Office 365, and is the publisher of Exchange Server Pro and Practical365. He lives in Brisbane, Australia, and works as a consultant, writer and Pluralsight trainer. Find Paul on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.
Brian Desmond Brian Desmond
Brian is a Microsoft platform expert and independent consultant focused heavily on Enterprise Mobility, Active Directory, Identity Management, Exchange, and Office 365 architecture and engineering projects for commercial enterprise and higher education customers. Find Brian on LinkedIn.
Michael B Smith Michael B. Smith
Michael is an independent consultant and a Microsoft Exchange Server MVP. He's been using Exchange since version 5.0 and working with messaging applications since 1981. Find Michael on LinkedIn.
Damian Scoles
Damian is an Exchange MVP from the Chicago, IL suburbs, working as a consultant. He has been using Exchange since version 5.5 in 1997. Currently he writes a blog, runs an Exchange/Office 365 user group, and is in the process of writing a book on PowerShell.

Thank you also to our additional contributors from the Exchange Server community.